BuildIT Construction Software

The FARO BuildIT Construction software is a fully comprehensive verification software for quality assurance and control of buildings and facilities.

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BuildIT Construction supports construction experts with real-time comparisons against CAD design throughout the entire building life cycle. This helps guarantee that the buildings are built according to the specifications of the design, resulting in faster and more accurate project workflow reducing overall working time and resources required for the project. During real-time monitoring, missing or misplaced elements such as walls and beams can be identified at any time when compared with the specified CAD data designed for the construction project. The precision of the scan data can be reviewed at any stage of the construction project and important measurements can be performed quickly and accurately. BuildIT Construction is an indispensable software for seamless quality control in areas such as Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) as well as Historical Preservation projects.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced validation time: reduced from several hours to just a few minutes.
  • Hardware compatability: BuildIT Cobstruction Software is compatible with numerous laser scanner models and CAD platforms.
  • Reduced project scrap and re-work: Flaws within the construction plan can be detected quickly and at any point of the project reducing overall material scrap and construction rework.
  • Automated processes: Save time by automating dataimport and customised reporting using the BuildIT Construction Software.
  • Design templates: Connected BuildIT Construction Software to FARO’s laser projectors to create construction design templates.

The BuildIT software provides many key and essential tools to support you in your quality control workflow. Download further product information here or request a quote today.

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