BuildIT Projector Software


BuildIT Projector perfectly complements the FARO Tracer systems to form a unique laser templating solution with outstanding alignment, assembly guidance and verification capabilities for a variety of layout and assembly tasks.

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BuildIT Projector enables users to generate virtual templates and to plan, automate and execute laser guided workflows with outstanding ease of use and no coding required.
For this, the software consists of two modules, Planner and Operator, to support different roles and related tasks: The Planner module enables manufacturing engineers to create laser templates based on CAD data, set up workflows, such as the sequence in which different parts have to be positioned, and implement comprehensive assembly and verification routines.

Users, such as assemblers, then execute the predefined workflows in the Operator module: Laser templating supports them with the placement of components, guiding them sequentially through all necessary layout and assembly steps. Visual or laser-imaging based automated verification capabilities enable them to verify single process steps or the final assembly. In addition, foreign objects, debris or residues that have to be removed from the assembly, can automatically be identified by In-Process-Verification.

Areas of application for virtual templating include the layout of components in welding or assembly, paint or decal work, alignment in tool building or ply layup for composites.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increase productivity: laser templating for guided assembly and verification replaces error prone physical tools thus reducing rework and scrap
  • Maximize quality: guided workflows ensure accurate, repeatable results even from inexperienced users
  • Increase throughput: reduce setup and assembly times through feature-based alignment and sequenced workflows
  • Ease of use: creation of virtual templates and workflows does not require any coding
  • Cost reduction: Avoid the costly, time consuming creation, adaption and maintenance of physical templates

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