FARO CAM2 2019

FARO CAM2 is the most comprehensive 3D measurement software for all FARO hardware products that enable tactile measurement or non-contact 3D scanning.

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CAM2 software is the optimal extension of FARO’s hardware products as it optimises the capture, processing and control of measurement data. The software is mainly used in part and assembly inspection, initial sample inspection and reverse engineering processes. Measure easily and efficiently with the guided workflow tools and run through automated test routines as well as error analysis using CAM2 software. During the scan or measurement process, coloured markings show deviations from the imported CAD model. The intelligent measurement software also supports the planning of measurement processes ensuring imense time savings. In order to detect and eliminate deviations at an early stage CAM2 offers trend analysis tools that assist in bettering manufacturing processes.

Features & Benefits:

  • User-friendly: Easy to use for all users without the need for training or expertise with simplified analysis and visual reporting
  • Reliable
  • Maximal flexibility: Adaptable to all FARO hardware devices and applications, both for tactile measurement or non-contact 3D scanning applications
  • Import all major CAD file formats at no time delay or additional costs
  • Quickly check quality of parts during the scanning process identifying potential issues early. Colours immediately show deviations from the CAD model.
  • Remote control through the CAM2 remote Apple App simplifying operations

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