FARO Cobalt Design Scanner

The FARO Cobalt Design is a high-class 3D Structured Light Scanner for detailed scanning of small to medium sized objects with complex shapes and structures.

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The FARO Cobalt Design is the perfect user-friendly and cost-effective 3D scanning solution capturing small to medium-sized geometries for detailed scanning of complex shapes and structures. Equipped with a rigid light scanning technology, the Cobalt Design combines projected light beams to scan large areas simultaneously with a special camera system capturing detailed structures and colours. The automatic rotation function scans the measuring part in a full 360-degree radius delivering high-resolution scan results with extraordinary detail in the shortest possible time. The Cobalt Design is available as a single or double unit with different holder variants and can thus be adapted to your application requirements and relevant measuring volume.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quick & Accurate: projected light patterns ensure maximum accuracy for small to medium-sized objects
  • Flexible & Straightforward: seamless and clear adaptation for application requirements
  • Full colour digitalisation: Detailed, high-quality structured realistic 3D colour scans and images
  • Double up: Can be used as single or double unit depending on your application and project needs
  • 360 degree rotation: Ensure complete capture of the object when scanning maximum measurement volume.
  • Adaptable: Can be used in different environmental conditions and temperatures maintaining high performance measurmeent results and accuracy levels

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