FARO Cobalt Array Imager

The Cobalt Array Imager is the fastest and most flexible 3D measurement system on the market using blue LED technology and exchangeable lenses.

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The FARO Cobalt Array Imager is a metrology grade non-contact measuring system, that is especially suited for a broad range of semi-automated and automated 3D measurement applications like CAD based inspection and dimensional analysis of molds, dies, sheet metal parts, tools, assemblies and more. Due to its blue stripe light pattern, high dynamic range and automatic exposure settings, the sensor provides fast, excellent measurement results for dark, light or shiny materials and combinations of light and dark surfaces. Furthermore, the Cobalt Imager scans even the finest details easily, thanks to its high resolution.

Automatic exposure settings and on-board processing support fast inspection results, while the self-monitoring capabilities of the sensor ensure the reliability and consistency of all measurements.
The Cobalt Imager can be custom tailored to different inspection requirements based on two available imager models (5 Megapixel and 9 Megapixel) that can be combined with two different lense sets to adapt the sensor´s field of view. For comprehensive, fast inspections of large parts the field of view can be further expanded by adding several Cobalt Array measuring systems to form a multi-imager array. The sensor provides various deployment options for near line and inline measurements, such as combined with a rotary table, mounted on a tripod, installed on a robot or as multi-imager array.


Features & Benefits:

Increase throughput with optimized, automated inspection workflows

  • Optimized scan times and on-board processing for fast scanning
  • Self-monitoring ensures measurement accuracy and consistency

Ensure quality even for complex parts

  • Capture typically difficult to capture, dark, light and reflective surfaces as well as parts with different colors
  • Easily scan features, details on edges and surfaces


Highly adaptable to your measurement requirements

  • Diverse usage at the production floor: tripod, rotary table, robot, array and more
  • Interchangeable field of view to adapt resolution
  • Multi imager setups further increase coverage, speed up inspection cycles for larger parts


Learn more about the Cobalt Array Imager in our product information or book a live demonstration with our experts.

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