The FARO DMVS (Dynamic Machine Vision Sensor) is a 3D/2D hybrid sensor that adds outstanding verification and vision guidance capabilities to projects in systems integration.

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The FARO DMVS is ideally suited to automate applications such as assembly verification, quality checks and dimensional measurements to ensure quality early on in the production process. In addition, the DMVS supports material handling and pick and place operations as the sensor easily and quickly identifies objects as well as the object´s location and orientation in 3D space.

The FARO DMVS scans parts in motion–while either the sensor is moved past the measurement object or the part to be measured is moved past the sensor. This ability to capture data in motion, paired with the sensor´s 70Hz framerate and broad field of view enables you to scan and evaluate objects quickly, comprehensively and efficiently. As a result, the FARO DMVS easily scans parts, assemblies and materials that are typically difficult to capture with great detail. Examples are complex parts, large complicated assemblies, bright, dark or reflective surfaces or translucent and even transparent materials. This also includes fine details or deep geometries of parts, such as holes or pockets.


Features & Benefits:


Increase inspection throughput with automated, fast data capture and analysis

  • Fast measurement during motion with a 70 Hz framerate
  • Optimal coverage


Capture complex geometries, assemblies and difficult surfaces easily

  • Ability to scan challenging surfaces and materials (dark, bright, reflective, translucent, transparent)
  • See “behind” components of an assembly that partially block sight, such as brackets
  • Easily scan deep geometries of parts, such as holes or pockets


Designed for uncomplicated integration

  • Rugged sensor design withstanding even the most challenging conditions on the production shop floor
  • No laser safety measures or shielding of ambient lighting required
  • Open SDK for integration into the existing IT systems

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