FARO Focus Laser Scanner

The FARO Focus Laser Scanner is a portable and easy-to-use solution for large scale engineering workflows, such as prototyping, reverse engineering and refurbishment of damaged components or machines.

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In the product development industry reverse engineering experts work on the digital capture of larger components or machines with complex shapes and shiny surfaces. Here the compact and intuitive Focus Laser Scanner is the ideal partner. Using the latest 3D scanning technology and increased scanning accuracy, as well as an integrated routine for on-site compensation, components or objects can be captured and transformed into CAD data in the shortest possible time. The point cloud can then be exported into FARO SCENE or Geomagic for further processing.


Features & Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Capture of 900.000 points/sec
  • Accuracy: 1mm precision at a distance of 10m
  • High Quality: The HDR camera captures detailed images with optimal colour balance even in difficult lighting conditions.
  • For all requirements: Scan complex components with challenging shapes and surfaces
  • On-Site-Registration: Verify captured scanning data directly on-site
  • Simplicity: Large and bright touch-screen display for easy-use

If the FARO Focus Laser Scanner is the perfect product for your application, request a FREE live demonstration or quote today.

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