FARO Forensic ScanArm

The portable FARO Forensic ScanArm is an outstanding 3D scanning solution to document forensic evidence and perform high precise measurements.

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Experts from crime lab and forensic anthropology capture high-resolution point clouds 10 times faster with the blue laser of the Forensic ScanArms than with conventional measurement methods, without processing the forensic evidence with spray or targets. This saves time and avoids the risk of damage to the artefact. The processed 3D data can now be used to solve crimes or identify victims and can be made available to the courtroom as 3D prints.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible use: Suitable for any environment and lighting and weather conditions
  • Lightweight and therefore transportable everywhere
  • No risk of artifacts being destroyed due to non-contact measurement and 3D scanning
  • Fast point cloud capture speeds up the workflows
  • High precision probing and high resolution 3d scanning in one product solution
  • Simple use: no expert knowledge neccessary

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