FARO ScanPlan 2D Mapper

The FARO Scanplan is a lightweight, 2D handheld mapper that quickly and easily captures and visualizes 2D floor plans. Walk & Map.

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The FARO ScanPlan 2D mapper is the only handheld device with real-time walk and map capabilities designed to document floor plans for investigations, pre-incident planning, threat assessments and fire protection engineering. The Scanplan captures an accurate, digital floor plan on the connected smart phone as you walk, recording walls that can be seen up to 30 meters away. Complete your plans in the integrated FARO Zone 2D by exporting them and sharing them with your team through FARO SCENE 2go & Webshare Cloud or display it in Virtual Reality (VR) suites. Take pictures, measure distances and add notes to the plan at any stage of the scanning process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Save time and just walk and point the ScanPlan at the walls to capture nearly 29,000 points/sec with a 230° field of view.
  • Add pictures and notes to the floor plan to document all critical details
  • Free smart phone app and compatible with most smartphones (Android & iOS)
  • Capture the floor plan and turn it into a final diagramme in Zone 2D
  • Battery life 2 hours, so no time delay by changing batteries during scanning.
  • Add 360° panoramic images to the 2D map and experience captured space visually off-site as close-to-reality as possible

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