FARO Tracer Laser Projector

The FARO Tracer Laser Projector is a high accurate technical assistance system that is used to bring the digital world into the real world.

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By using FARO Tracer Laser Projector, users can replace error prone physical tools such as templates, with a solution that visually supports their tasks. The Tracer projects precise laser lines onto the part and guides the user through the layout and assembly process with this generated virtual template based on an imported 3D CAD model. The accuracy of an assembly can be checked in real time to identify errors or deviations at an early stage of production. Therefore a large saving in time can be achieved here, as well as the reduction of waste materials.


Features & Benefits:

  • Increase quality and eliminate errors by using a virtual template
  • Save time by rapid setup and immediate adaption to design changes based on CAD models
  • Costs reduction for production and storage of physical templates
  • Reduce amount of waste materials
  • Changes in the design simply needs a adaption of the CAD model

Request a product demo for the FARO Laser Projector now. More product information can be found in our Download Center.

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