FARO Tracer Laser Imaging Projector

The FARO Tracer Laser Projector is a high precision laser projection system that assists in the production assembly process and quality control of large objects.

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The FARO Tracer Imaging Laser Projector is the pioneering laser image and projection system that help users to improve workflows and product quality in applications requiring the manual layout and assembly of parts. Examples are the welding of frames in automotive, placement of system brackets in aerospace, handy ply lay-up for composites, or paint templating in ship building.

The Tracer generates a precise, reliable virtual template based on 3D CAD models by projecting laser lines onto the part guiding the user step by step through the layout and assembly process. Users can also easily verify completeness and correctness of a layout or assembly either visually, based on laser projection (TracerM), or system-based (TracerSI). Laser projection also supports corrective measure where deviations or errors are identified. Rework and a large number of scrap will be reduced to a minimum. The system´s 3D projection range perfectly meets large scale requirements and can be combined to an array setup with several Tracer units to further increase the work range and cover particularly in large assemblies, comprehensively and efficiently.

Features & Benefits:

Increase quality through guided assembly and verification

  • Eliminate physical templating errors
  • Fast recognition of quality deviations based on visual (TracerM) and imaging verification (TracerSI)
  • Automatically identification of foreign objects or debris that need to be removed from assemblies (TracerSI)
  • Laser projection also supports corrective measures

Save time and money through virtual templating

  • Virtual templating based on existing CAD data replaces physical tools and templates
  • Fast setup and instant adaption to CAD model design changes
  • Eliminate costs for creation, adaption, maintenance, storage of physical templates and tools

Learn more about the FARO Tracer Laser Projector in our product information or book a free demonstration with our FARO experts.

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