FARO Visual Inspect

FARO Visual Inspect is a tablet-based, app-driven virtual inspection and digital documentation solution that enables the optimization of production and quality assurance processes.

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With the FARO Visual Inspect Tablet App the documentation of incoming goods inspection, or quality assurance processes can be performed completely paperless. Visual Inspect supports the assembly, inspection and documentation of complex assemblies such as tools and molds. For this, 3D CAD models, related information about components and assemblies, as well as process information can be compressed, uploaded and shared in the app. Users are able to view, edit and interact virtually with the uploaded 3D data and information. In addition, the Visual Inspect AR (Augmented Reality) function enables the overlay of real part images or assemblies with the corresponding CAD data. Move around the physical object in real time and rotate the virtual object or zoom in on the components for full part details.

In a target/actual state comparison, deviations between the real object and the related CAD model of the part or assembly can be immediately identified and visually highlighted, which simplifies and accelerates following adjustment processes significantly. Images and annotations can be added and shared with team members in the digital inspection reports. When inspecting a large number of components, QR codes attached to the objects can be scanned and opened in the app which simplifies and optimises workflows considerably.

Features & Benefits:


Identify deviations early in the the process resulting in reduced overall costs and time

  • Replace error prone, costly printed 2D drawings with virtual 3D assembly and inspection support based on initial CAD data
  • Easily compare physical objects and complex assemblies with their intended/ targeted design
  • Overlay a virtual instance/representation of missing, physical components ensuring accurate fit in part assembly


Reduce error rates and speed up processes by going digital

  • Eliminate media breaks, loss of information and delays caused by parallel use of digital and paper based, 2D documentation
  • Share CAD models, inspection results and documentation digitally with other departments, suppliers or customers easily

Intuitive and mobile

  • Tablet based, functional in all working environments, independent of time and place.
  • Intuitive operation of the app through touch function, as well as modern data management concepts

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