FARO Zone 3D

FARO Zone 3D is the market leading software to create 2D and 3D diagrams, simulations and animations of crime, crash, fire and counter terrorism scenes from captured and processed scan data.

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Public Safety & Forensics Professionals can now quickly create 2D or 3D diagrams and perform analysis based on the measurements taken at the crime, crash, fire or counter terrorism scene with the software FARO Zone 3D. With just a few clicks, impressive reports can be created for the court, reconstructing the actual facts and scenes. FARO Zone 3D enables you to prepare for critical situations such as terror and amok by creating realistic animations and escape plans.


  • Scan data from any manual measurement, aerial maps, total stations, drones and laser scanners can be processed
  • Present 2D & 3D diagrams, fly-throughs and precise animations in court for the presentation of evidence
  • Choose from a huge toolbox: analyze blood spatter, speed from skids and bullet trajectories, etc.
  • Respond faster to emergencies by creating accurate illustrations of critical sites and emergency exits
  • Compatibility with FARO Software CAD Zone & ARAS to open 2D & 3D diagrammes.

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