FARO Freestyle 3D Handheld Laser Scanner

Measure & scan with high accurracy in hard-to-reach areas with the smart handheld FARO 3D laser scanner Freestyle.

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In Crime or Crash Scenes there are always areas that a total station cannot reach. In these situations the FARO Freestyle Handheld scanner is the preferred choice due to it’s lightweight body and ability to scan quickly from various perspectives enabling the whole area to be captured. It offers high accuracy, real-time visualisation, extensive scan volume and a fast data aquisition. In addition to this the 3D scan data captured by the FARO Freestyle Handheld scanner can be uploaded quickly & easily into all widely-used software solutions.


Features & Benefits:

  • Scan objects with less than 1.5mm detail resolution for accurate results
  • Scanning of hard-to-reach areas, such as corners with restricted visibility
  • Memory-scan technology allows you to pause & resume scanning at any time
  • Capturing large objects with the largest scan volume on the market (8m3)
  • Seamless integration with Focus 3D laser scanner data allows a complete capture of large objects with many complex details.

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