Geomagic® Software Solutions

The Geomagic® Software Packages are the industry´s most powerful and comprehensive toolboxes for Scan-to Mesh, Scan-to CAD and Scan-to Solidworks projects.

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Transform 3D scan data and enable seamless integration of 3D scans for Design processes such as reverse engineering using the Geomagic® Software. Easily combine CAD models with 3D Scan data to create feature-based and editable models that can be exported as 3D print data.


Geomagic® Wrap
Geomagic® Wrap is the the ideal Scan-to-mesh solution designed to transform 3D scan data into a perfect reverse engineered 3D model for many different industries such as engineering, archaeology and manufacturing.


Geomagic®Design X
Geomagic® DesignX offers a Scan-to CAD solution combining history-based CAD designs with the current 3D scan data giving you the ability to create feature-based, solid models that can be exported to various CAD systems.


Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS
Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS is the Scan-to Solidworks solution designed to save you time when building complex 3D models of real world objects through the automated wizards built in the software, resulting in accurate feature-based editable solid parts.

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