FARO Focus Laser Scanner

The FARO Focus Laser Scanner is the ideal partner in the manufacturing industry for three-dimensional capture and documentation, as well as for dimensional inspection of large, complex assemblies and machines.

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The FARO Focus Laser Scanner is a portable scanning solution that quickly and efficiently captures three-dimensional data of the as-built geometries of large objects and structures. The Scanner is especially suited for applications that require large or complex parts, assemblies, machines, or structures to be captured quickly and comprehensively. A seamless interface to FARO SCENE Software enables real-time scan processing and registration at any time during three-dimensional data capture, ensuring the high quality scan data. It is lightweight and compact making it easy to move the scanner around where needed, while the system´s solid design as well as extended temperature range enables you to capture data even under the often challenging conditions on the production floor or in other environments.


The Focus Laser Scanner can be used for the following applications:

  • 3D inspection and documentation of large manufactured parts or assemblies, such as rotor blades, turbines or ship propellers for quality control
  • Manufacturing documentation of complex machines and assemblies
  • Documentation of vehicles, ships, or aircraft used to precisely plan changes to, and modifications of the interior in 3D
  • Reverse engineering applications that require comprehensive 3D data models to reproduce the design of complete machines, assemblies or large structures, or single components, for example for repair.


Features & Benefits:


Scan large objects in industrial manufacturing quickly and comprehensively

  • Long range to capture 3D data for mid sized up to very large sized structures and objects
  • Scan and documents details of complex assemblies and machines with high accuracy


Import 3D scan data easily into metrology software for analysis and evaluation

  • Bring large scale 3D scan capabilities to the production floor, even under difficult circumstances
  • Easily reposition the compact, lightweight Focus Scanner at the production floor
  • Robust design and extended temperature range enable scanning even in challenging production environments
  • HDR functionality increases quality of scans in very bright or dark environments


Would you like to find out how you can integrate the FARO Focus Laser Scanner into your processes? Contact our experts and book a free demonstration today. You can also find out more about our scanner in the product information.

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