FARO Focus Laser Scanner

Advanced Forensic Scene Capture with the portable Focus Laser Scanner Series – for short, medium and long range applications.

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FARO®‘s latest ultra-portable Focus Laser Scanner series enables Public Safety and Forensic professionals to capture fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of any crash, crime or fire scene. All evidence and details are captured in the point cloud and protected against later alterations. This can be used as evidence and provided to the jury showing realistic crime scene animations and video-fly-throughs that have been created with FARO’s processing software.

The Focus laser scanner can also be used for pre-planning in the security and counter terrorism industry preventing threat on property and people. The Laser Scanner enables you to easily create and document building plans and site information for security training where the data can then be shared to the team through the FARO point cloud.


Features & Benefits:

  • HDR color camera enables high picture quality in all lighting conditions – both interior & exterior scenes
  • Encrypted security to all raw scans with the automatic digital hashing feature. The data cannot be adulterated later on.
  • Easy to transport due to compact size and weight (4.2 kg incl. battery)
  • Scan in challenging environments while providing protection from dust, debris, water splashes & extreme temperatures
  • Touch screen for easy & convinient use
  • Data can be immediately transferred and processed by the efficient integration into existing softwares like SCENE, Zone 2D & Zone 3D

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